There Is a Golden Sky


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Mostly iOS with some Abelton for mixing and mastering and for some arranging on "Radiance" and "For You". It's kind of a beat, ambient, post-rock, electronic sort of thing. Besides apps on my iPad 3 and iPhone 5s, I utilized guitars, a MicroKorg, a Launchpad, midi loop pedal, and an Omnichord. The apps that show up the most are Garageband, iMaschine, Samplr, Animoog, Beatmaker 2, Holderness Media apps, Guitarism, and of course Audiobus.

Here is a breakdown of tracks:

Radiance: A long gestating track that started as a Garageband iOS project and then lingered as an 8 bar loop. I kept going back to it as new iOS tools were created. Imported to Garegband for Mac, used some Logic Remote to add some parts. I then imported to Abelton with the creation of Midimux and Audiomux, redid some drums with Robotic Drums, added some more Alchemy parts, some Synthmaster and recorded some guitar with Echo Pad.

Soon There Will Be a Golden Sky: This song is iOS only besides an acoustic guitar through an iPad 3 mic and a cheap electric guitar through an iRig HD into an iPhone 5s. I used a plethora of apps to make loops, beats, etc. and then imported them into the launchpad app where I kept recording tracks live with my Launchpad until I found right one. I then threw some effects on it in Garageband and put it through the Audio Mastering app.

Fading: A couple of random noodlings in Xynthesizer for iOS. Than ran through Harmony Voice app through Audioshare. Uploaded with AudioShare app -

For You: My first real guitar based song. I used a lot of physical instuments such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar, microKorg, loop pedal, omnichord and mixed them in with iOS apps. I used a lot of SAMPLR on the vocals and on the omnichord. Apps Used: Audiobus, Garageband, Beatmaker 2,Thor, Thumbjam, Turnado, SAMPLR, Harmony Vox, Master Record, Neo Soul Keys, 76 Synthesizer (as an effect on my MicroKorg), Stereo Designer and finally Bitwiz for the distortion.

As It Comes (Reflections): This is a section of my song "Radiance" slowed down 50% with Audiostretch and then reversed. I then put it into the granular app Borderlands and ran it through Crystalline with Audiobus. I added some drum machine to kind of keep it all from floating away.

As the Days Get Longer: This track was composed entirely on the iPad in Beatmaker 2. Apps used were Guitarism (chopped and reversed), Nlog for Synth, Garageband, Thor for Bass, Animoog for Pads, Vio, and Echo Pad.


released June 28, 2015

All instruments and vocal samples by BvsMV

BvsMV is Bryan Kraft



all rights reserved


BVSMV Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dream | Retro | Ambient | Chill | Experimental

BVSMV is an electronic, cinematic synth music project. It combines Ambient, Retrowave, Dream Pop, Post- Rock, and Soundscapes.

Member of Mangled Music Collective and Sleepless Collective.
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